A downloadable game for Windows

A 2017 Butterscotch Shenanijam Game! Created by Bear Bros Conglomerate.

A Pint to the Serpent Kingdom is a game about ice cream. The serpent kingdom needs ice cream so as an ice cream delivery monkey it is your job to get it to them before it melts!

Bear Bros Conglomerate is comprised of bearguitar11 (philipbear93 on discord) and angrymuffin.

Please focus critiques primarily on gameplay elements over art. Our resident artist had other responsibilities this weekend come up so he had to do a game jelly instead. Looking for ideas on how to clean up the game's balance and sprite management. We're pretty pleased with the result being a first foray into game development.

Install instructions

This game downloads as an installer, the folder you install to will have the launcher file, a couple assets and an uninstaller.


APintToTheLizardKingdom.exe 2 MB


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Lol, did you hummed the music yourself? BTW lizards are assholes.

Yes, yes I did. Well, sort of. Gamemaker has this cool pitch shift function so I only had to record one note.